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Cynthia L. Dulaney, Ph.D.
Department of Psychology
Xavier University

3800 Victory Parkway
Cincinnati, OH 45207-6511


Postdoctoral Research Associate (1991-1994)

                                    Department of Psychology, University of Memphis


Ph.D.    Psychology; University of Alabama (1991)

                                     Dissertation:  Factors influencing cognitive inertia: Mental age,

 chronological age, and mental retardation.


M.A.     Psychology; University of Alabama (1988)

 Thesis:  Memory capacity and spatial location.


B.S.      Psychology; Jacksonville State University (1986)


Courses Taught

  Psyc 101: General Psychology

  Psyc 200: Orientation to the Major

  Psyc 221 & 223:  Research Method and Design  I and Lab

Psyc 222 & 224:  Research Method and Design  II and Lab
Psyc 427:  Cognitive Psychology
●  Psyc 609:  Learning and Cognition           


Cognitive Research Laboratory

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