Bree J. Lang
Assistant Professor
Economics Department
Williams College of Business
Xavier University

I am currently an assistant professor of economics at Xavier University. My research interests include urban economics, subsidized housing, public finance and taxation.

Current CV


The Effect of Down Payment Assistance on Mortgage Choice” (with Ellen Hurst), Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, 2014: 49 (3), pages 329-351.


“Location Incentives in the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit: Are Qualified Census Tracts Necessary?” Journal of Housing Economics, 2012: 21(2), pages 142-150.


“Does offering more Advanced Placement courses increase enrollment?” Economics Bulletin, 2011: 31 (1), pages 893-904.



Working Papers

The Parcel Tax as a Local Revenue Source for California Public Schools” (with Jon Sonstelie) – Revisions Requested


Input Distortions in the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit: Evidence from Building Size  – Revisions Requested


“The reliability of survey response in import substitution estimation for economic impact analysis: the 2012 Flying Pig marathon” (with Steven Cobb and Douglas Olberding)


“How Does the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Affect Local Market Rents?”


“Down-payment Assistance and the Location of Minority Households” (with Ellen Hurst)


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