Bree J. Lang
Assistant Professor
Economics Department
Williams College of Business
Xavier University

I am currently an assistant professor of economics at Xavier University. My research interests include urban economics, subsidized housing, public finance and taxation.

Current CV


Input Distortions in the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit: Evidence from Building Size  – Forthcoming at Regional Science and Urban Economics.


The Effect of Down Payment Assistance on Mortgage Choice” (with Ellen Hurst), Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, 2014: 49 (3), pages 329-351.


“Location Incentives in the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit: Are Qualified Census Tracts Necessary?” Journal of Housing Economics, 2012: 21(2), pages 142-150.


“Does offering more Advanced Placement courses increase enrollment?” Economics Bulletin, 2011: 31 (1), pages 893-904.



Working Papers

The Parcel Tax as a Local Revenue Source for California Public Schools” (with Jon Sonstelie) – Revisions Requested


“The reliability of survey response in import substitution estimation for economic impact analysis: the 2012 Flying Pig marathon” (with Steven Cobb and Douglas Olberding)


“How Does the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Affect Local Market Rents?”


“Down-payment Assistance and the Location of Minority Households” (with Ellen Hurst)


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