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Updated January 3, 2010

At least nine Keeler novels, published in handsome hardback editions by Auffenberg Verlagsgesellschaft of Berlin,
did their best to lighten the mood of Hitler's Germany.
The covers were illustrated with skillful sketches in black, white, and red.

Die Brille des Grafen Cagliostro (Auffenberg, 1935 = The Spectacles of Mr. Cagliostro): image needed.


Sing Sing Nächte (Auffenberg, 1935 = Sing Sing Nights): two men in prison are watched by a guard.

Higher-resolution image needed.





Im Zeichen der zwölf Sterne (Auffenberg, 1935): The cover of this novel (known in the UK as Under Twelve Stars and in the US as The Washington Square Enigma) does not promise much action, but the publisher has also included a paragraph from the novel in which the hero enters a mysterious old house.

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Das geheimnisvolle Netz (Auffenberg, 1937): A courtroom scene from The Amazing Web, not unlike one of the covers for the Ward Lock edition.

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Der Mann mit der Geige (Auffenberg, 1938 = The Mystery of the Fiddling Cracksman): This scene shows the discovery of the cracksman in the very act of fiddling.

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Fünf silberne Buddhas (Auffenberg, 1938 = The Five Silver Buddhas): image needed.



Die sieben Spatzen (Auffenberg, 1938 = The Voice of the Seven Sparrows): image needed.



Ein Totenkopf auf Reisen (Auffenberg, 1938 = The Riddle of the Traveling Skull): our image is not high quality, but it will give you a general idea of this dramatic scene.


Diebesnächte (Auffenberg, 1939 = Thieves' Nights): image needed.



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