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Keeler In Portugal: Século Editions

Updated March 4, 2007

Portugal was Keeler's second-best market for translations, after Spain. He published 19 novels with Editorial Século of Lisbon. One late Keeler novel, The Case of the Crazy Corpse, was published only in Portugal. All Portuguese editions seem to have been paperbacks with no blurbs, published as part of Século's "Mystery and Action" series. A whole squadron of translators spent their energies on these books!

O dois de espadas chinês (Século, 1943): a translation of The Voice of the Seven Sparrows by Salvador Ferreira. Courtesy of Hugo Xavier.







O processo Archibald Chalmers (Século, 1945): a courtroom scene from Chalmers' trial graces the front of this Portuguese version of The Amazing Web, translated by José da Natividade Gaspar. Courtesy of Hugo Xavier.







O manuscrito roubado (Século, 1947): a handsome design for The Green Jade Hand, translated by Alberto Peres Ramos as The Stolen Manuscript.







Os óculos do senhor Cagliostro (Século, 1947): like the Spanish version of this novel, the Portuguese version features a dramatic scene in which the hero jumps from a railway bridge. Translated by Manoel Neves. Courtesy of Hugo Xavier.






O quarto rei (Século, 1949): An effective design featuring the king of clubs and a murder victim.




O anel de ferro (Século, 1950): translation of The Iron Ring by Alberto Pimentel Filho. Courtesy of Hugo Xavier.







O enigma da praça de Washington (Século, 1950). Translated by Maria Judith de Carvalho. Courtesy of Hugo Xavier.







O estranho caso dos três calvinos (Século, no date -- probably early 1950s). The Portuguese version of Thieves' Nights, translated by Manoel Neves.







O caso do cadáver endiabrado (Século, 1958): a colorful circus-theme cover for the Angus MacWhorter novel The Case of the Crazy Corpse, translated by Carlos José Peres.

The dedication reads, "This book is dedicated to the many Portuguese readers who made possible the publication in this country of 15 of my novels. Consequently, it is with the greatest pleasure that I am publishing this book in Portugal before it is published in any other country, including my own. -- THE AUTHOR." A handwritten inscription by Keeler in the front of this copy reads, "The Case of the Crazy Corpse has never been published elsewhere in the world than Portugal -- Harry Stephen Keeler."





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