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Pulp Fiction: Keeler's Magazine Publications

Updated May 14, 2004

This page is devoted to cover illustrations for magazine publications of work by Keeler.
I am not including any magazines that contain Keeler stories but do not mention them on the cover.

The Miracle Agent (Top-Notch, July 1, 1915): I don't think this picture is intended as an illustration of the story -- in which a man wakes up in the body of a gorilla!











The Box of Bewilderment (Chicago Ledger, October 4, 1919): A dramatic cover illustration for this serialized tale that was later to become The Box from Japan. Courtesy of Art Scott.











The Blue Spectacles (Complete Novel, June 1926): This picture makes the novel look a bit sexier than it is ...














The Voice of the Seven Sparrows (Complete Novel, August 1926): Wow! The action is literally bursting out of the pages in this illustration.









The Amazing Web (Complete Novel, February 1927): Another dramatic picture, courtesy of Chris Wheeler. There is a variant of this cover that does not include Keeler's name or the title of the novel.









Sing Sing Nights (Complete Detective Novel Magazine, June 1928): A beautiful picture of a highly implausible Keeler Koincidence. Courtesy of Chet Williamson.






The Fourth King (Complete Detective Novel, October 1928): This poor businessman is receiving quite a shock.










The Riddle of the Tiger Snake (Star Novels Magazine, Fall 1933): An excellent illustration for a novel known in hardcover in the U.S. as The Riddle of the Yellow Zuri and in Britain as The Tiger Snake. Courtesy of Chet Williamson.






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