The Harry Stephen Keeler Society is simply a group of individuals who not only have heard of Keeler, but actually like him. We find his stuff fascinating--even, and especially, at its most peculiar. Since our inception in January 1997, we've grown to some 100 members in half a dozen countries. Together, we're maintaining the memory of a man whose tangled dreams are part of the American heritage--whether America knows it or not!

We keep in touch through Keeler News, which features articles, reviews, letters, Keeler novels for sale, and more. Keeler News is published irregularly, with around 16 pages per issue. Back issues of Keeler News are downloadable in PDF format and can be ordered in print on our Keeler News page. The News is normally provided electronically as a PDF, but you may request a paper copy to be sent by postal mail.

Membership in HSKS, with a subscription to Keeler News, is free. To join, simply send an e-mail to Richard Polt, editor of Keeler News, asking to join the Society. Please let me know your city or town of residence, for the enlightenment of your fellow members.

Other items available from the Society:

Postcards with Keeler's portrait and his signature in red: free. Let me know how many you want.

On Webwork: a fascinating collection of articles by HSK and others on techniques of webwork plotting: $10 (North America) / $15 (elsewhere).

"Keeler Year By Year": a complete bibliography of HSK's short stories and novels, published and unpublished, by Francis M. Nevins: $2 (North America) / $3 (elsewhere). PDF version e-mailed free.

You can also buy:

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