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No. 88, August 2017

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  • No. 13, February 1998: Joel Townsley Rogers; HSK and Anthony Boucher; Harry & Dr. McBean
  • No. 14, April 1998: Sex issue: The Strange Case of Piffington Wainwright; Keelerian Bordellos; Franco contra Don Juan; etc.
  • No. 15, June 1998: Finger! Finger! and Behind That Mask; HSK letter to Robert Tallant; The Case of the Barking Clock; Serial Keelers bibliography
  • No. 16, August 1998: The Hazel Issue: Harry & Hazel bibliography; Harry on Hazel; Juguetes Peligrosos; Imitate Keeler Winner; Iberian Literary News
  • No. 17, October 1998: "Bill's Bill"; Stand By--London Calling!
  • No. 18, December 1998: The Dialect Issue: Murder of a Giant; dedication to Otis Kline; Name That Dialect quiz; Milt Gross's Nize Baby
  • No. 19, February 1999: 1930 interview with HSK; The Case of the Canny Killer; "The Gorilla's Brain"
  • No. 20, April 1999: HSK-T.S. Stribling correspondence; The Red Right Hand; The Steeltown Strangler; Reader Revolt!
  • No. 21, June 1999: Skience Friction Issue: The White Circle; The Sign of the Crossed Leaves: I Killed Lincoln at 10:13!
  • No. 22, August 1999: Imitate Keeler winner; 1956 Chicago Tribune article on Keelers; The Case of the Transposed Legs; The Strange Will
  • No. 23, October 1999: When Thief Meets Thief; The Straw Hat Murders; The Box from Japan
  • No. 24, December 1999: 1981 interview with Thelma Keeler; America's Humor
  • No. 25, February 2000: New Keeler film?; The Murder of London Lew; Thieves' Nights
  • No. 26, April 2000: "Quilligan and the Magic Coin"; frequency of HSK titles
  • No. 27, June 2000: 1940s Chicago Sun article on HSK; Rare Chinese Cats; Keeler Goes Nordic; "Brickbats, Roses, and Dead Cats from the Press"
  • No. 28, August 2000: A Visit to the Archives; The Amazing Web; Ten Story Takes a Bow; "Sunbeam's Child"
  • No. 29, October 2000: HSK photos from Columbia
  • No. 30, December 2000: Marceau issue: 1935 letter by HSK; The Utilities Problem; The Beef Trust Enigma; Dossier Novels from A to Izzard; reviews of Marceau novels; Y. Cheung, Business Detective & Nabokov; Imitate Keeler entries
  • No. 31, February 2001: HSK's Screwball Circus; The Six from Nowhere
  • No. 32, April 2001: April Fool's issue: China-Boy Chuckles; Jim Dilley interviews HSK
  • No. 33, June 2001: The Keeler Case (documents from a supposed 1927 lawsuit against HSK and its aftermath); Keelerites invade Columbia
  • No. 34, October 2001: "When Time Ran Backward"; Wall Street Journal on HSK and Ramble House
  • No. 35, December 2001: Imitate Keeler winner; Gavin L. O'Keefe's Keeler dustjackets; The Village Voice on HSK
  • No. 46, March 2004: Harry's Psychedelic Trips; The Flyer Hold-Up; My Search for H.S.K., by Geoff Marriott
  • No. 47, May 2004: Ken Keeler and Neil Gaiman interviews; an annotated Amazing Web; America's Humor update
  • No. 48, July 2004: William Gillespie on webwork; Charles Williams on Keeler; Daniel Clowes; Sing Sing Nights cocktail
  • No. 49, October 2004: HSK's letters to August Derleth; Re-promoting "Sing Sing Nights" (the movie)
  • No. 50, December 2004: "Package 22,227"; The Riddle of the Wooden Parrakeet; Keeler, Criminologist?
  • No. 51, March 2005: Keeler-Dutton correspondence, 1927-28; Meyer Levin on HSK; Norman Berrow
  • No. 52, May 2005: Keeler & Dutton, 1928-29; "A Visit to a Mystery Workshop"
  • No. 53, July 2005: Keeler copyrights; Keeler & Dutton, 1929; Dutton ads in Publishers' Weekly
  • No. 54, October 2005: The Reus-Keeler connection; Keeler & Dutton, 1929-30; Wells Hastings' webwork; The Affair of the Bottled Deuce
  • No. 55, December 2005: Hong Lei Chung and his Tong; Keeler & Dutton, 1930
  • No. 61, March 2007: Tenth Anniversary Issue: Keeler Konnections, by Francis M. Nevins; Posthumous Keeler fandom, a webwork history; the geography of Keelerism; a letter to Pynchon; Keeler & Dutton, 1932-33; New York Times reviews of Keeler-based films
  • No. 62, May 2007: Thelma remembers Harry (letters to Francis M. Nevins); Eugene George Key; HSK in Japan; Keeler & Dutton, 1933
  • No. 63, July 2007: Keeler & Dutton, 1933, continued
  • No. 64, October 2007: Special issue: The Riddle of the Traveling Skull: Keeler & Dutton letters on Skull; Printingtown; Sheridan Le Fanu; Skull miscellanea; revising Skull
  • No. 65, December 2007: R. Kelly's "Trapped in the Closet"; Imitate Keeler winner; Keeler & Dutton, 1933-34; Louis J. Vance; Keelerian magazine update
  • No. 70, March 2009: The Big River Trilogy; Meganovels by the Numbers; A "Gene" Gallery; Keeler Knows His Optics; Renaming Ziff's
  • No. 71, June 2009: HSK bio by J. T. Dockery; Keeler and Céline; Strands of the Web; Il caso Marceau; HSK in The Editor, 1916
  • No. 72, September 2009: Keeler's Test for Citizenship; Keeler in Finland; 1949 HSK letter to Bill Brannon
  • No. 73, December 2009: Answers to Keeler's Test;  Vera de Mueller: The Inside Story;  Plot Charts by R. Munroe
  • No. 74, April 2010: Photo of Harry and Thelma Keeler and memories of them; John Jones's Dollar comic by Forte and Solís; Mariano García article and update on Keeler in Spain; David M. Earle's Re-covering Modernism; How to Write Booklength Mystery Stories, by HSK
  • No. 75, September 2010: "Can Such Things Be?"; Chuckles from China; Marceau Correspondences; Keeler & Heidegger; "A to Izzard"; Toward a Complete Annotated Keeler
  • No. 76, January 2011: Keeler audio book; Tweet Like Keeler; "The Elopement Extraordinary"; "A Fool and His Wife"; Diagram! Diagram!
  • No. 77, July 2011: Book Review Special: De Sciencefictionschrijver, Noches de Sing-Sing, Stand By--London Calling!, Behind That Mask, The Amazing Web, The Riddle of the Traveling Skull, The Spectacles of Mr. Cagliostro, The Green Jade Hand
  • No. 78, January 2012: Letters to Deedee (I of II); Harry and the Humanzee; "Dead on the Field of Love"
  • No. 79, May 2012: Paul Daniel's Keeler-based music; the Theatrical Chicago portrait of HSK; Letters to Deedee (II of II); members' activities
  • No. 80, October 2012: The Stolen Gravestone; new edition of Las gafas del Sr. Cagliostro; Keeler en français; Richard Polt interview; poem about webwork
  • No. 81, April 2013: Webwork-mapping William Gillespie's Keyhole Factory; The Prestidigitations of "Alphabet" Keeler; 1929 Occult Digest review of The Spectacles of Mr. Cagliostro; an inscribed Hutchinson Find the Clock
  • No. 82, October 2013: Remembering Roger Ebert; Keeler in Germany; News from Spain; "The Hands of the Blind Hunter"; Keeler in The Chicagoan; Prologue Books
  • No. 83, August 2014: HSK in Reading Style and Wretched Writing; The Flyer Hold-Up film; Bill Brannon remembers; Piketty and Keeler; Poetry from HSK; Sun Fun
  • No. 84, April 2015: Die durchsichtige Nackte; The Keelers and the Kabrins; "Who Is This Man?" news story about HSK; The Law of Cross and Re-Cross (on The Skull of the Waltzing Clown); My First Three Keelers (The Riddle of the Traveling Skull, The Case of the Two Strange Ladies, and The Monocled Monster)
  • No. 85, February 2016: Keelerianos en Madrid; HSK in the TLS; Typescripts turn up; Find the Clock ad; Coincidences Celestial; Inscriptions Celestial; Correspondents Many
  • No. 86, September 2016: A Beautiful and Disturbing Poem in The Riddle of the Traveling Skull; Keeleresque or Not?; News from San Do Mar; "The Keenwit Case"; The Plot Thickens; HSK & FDR
  • No. 87, January 22, 2017: 50th anniversary of HSK's death and 20th anniversary of Keeler News; the complete Portuguese Keeler covers
  • No. 88, August 2017: The Ivory Ball of Wong Shing Li; "The Magic Coin"; Harry Goes Abroad (1916 passport application)

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