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"... a lively, lavishly illustrated history of this newly revered machine backed by a comprehensive user’s guide ...  A clever, illuminating, and irresistible book of typewriter appreciation and a call for 'digital detox' and 'slow communication.'"      


​"... delightfully illustrated ... packed with fascinating history and photos ... When the sun finally sends out an electromagnetic surge that fries every e-mail message on Earth, we'll wish we'd written our love letters on a Smith-Corona."  

—Washington Post

"... explains how to find and fix a machine, includes testimonies from writers on the freeing power of tapping out a story on a typewriter, and describes the innovative ways that people are using the typewriter today. ... quite enjoyable for anyone who likes the clack of keys and the ring of the carriage return."  

—Publishers Weekly

"Polt's account will attract those curious about the changes in technology and social patterns, since this book is really a culture critique masquerading as a history."    

 —Library Journal (starred review)

"Polt's book is lovely and large-format with pictures interspersed among the text, which is itself delightfully hybrid: part history, part philosophy, and part user's manual, complete with labeled images of typewriters and how to use and repair them."  

—Chicago Tribune

"Polt not only explains how to choose the best typewriter and care for it, but he delves into the history of the machines, the famous people who used them in the past and the people who use them now, from novel writers to people who have typewriter blogs and host Type-In social events."    

—The Saturday Evening Post

​"Polt produces an engaging and personalized dissertation on the fascination with typewriters ... He does a marvelous job of interpreting the almost sensual interaction with the machine, examining every possible facet that might enlighten his readers."

—Pop Matters

​"Polt’s thoroughly researched and truly engaging book is the Bible of the modern typewriter enthusiast. I won’t say it occupies a place on everyone’s shelf, because we haven’t shelved it yet. It’s on our desks and kitchen tables, usually open, or being carried around in backpacks and purses. We refer to it on the street when we’re gazing at the lovely old typewriter in the antique shop window; we review it on our workbench when we’re adjusting our typing machines."

—Frederic S. Durbin,

"The Typewriter [resists] efforts to either eliminate it, or subjugate its users to the instrumentalizing imperatives of the Information Regime. And it is indeed those people which constitute the vast bulk of The Typewriter Revolution’s content, the insurgents themselves. ... their stories were a profound encouragement to read."        

—Thomas Lynn, Hong Kong Review of Books

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Why a typewriter now?

​ ​How do you find a good one?

​How do you take care of it ?

The Typewriter Revolution ​has the answers.






Featured in new film "California Typewriter"

​​What do thousands of writers, makers, kids, poets, artists, steampunks, and hipsters have in common?  They love typewriters—the magical, mechanical contraptions that are enjoying a surprising second life in the 21st century.  The Typewriter Revolution documents the movement and provides practical advice on how to choose a typewriter, use it, and care for it—from National Novel Writing Month to letter-writing socials, from type-ins to customized typewriters. The book includes leaders of the 21st-century typewriter revival such as artists L.A. Marler, Keira Rathbone, and Tim Youd; street typists such as Typewriter Rodeo, Poems While You Wait, and Jacqueline Suskin; and the bloggers of the Typosphere.​ 

Author Richard Polt is the creator of The Classic Typewriter Page and editor of the typewriter magazine ETCetera.