Recent courses I’ve taught are listed below. Materials can be found on Canvas.

Spring 2019 MATH 156: General Statistics
Spring 2019 MATH 257: Data Modeling
Fall 2018 MATH 256: Intro to Probability & Statistics
Fall 2018 MATH 158: General Statistics II
Spring 2017 MACS 101: Introduction to Actuarial Science


Selected works are displayed below.

Developmental Outcomes of Former Preterm Infants Who Required Mechanical Ventilation

Combined Sections Meeting of the American Physical Therapy Association (Las Vegas, NV)

The vocalization mechanism of the Florida manatee

OnLine Journal of Biological Sciences

Record Linkage Within a Privacy Context

15th International Symposium on Econometrics, Operations Research, and Statistics (Isparta, Turkey)

Not Your Daddy’s Residual Plot

Xavier University Department of Mathematics & Computer Science Colloquium (Cincinnati, OH)

Student life stress in education and health services majors

Higher Education Research & Development

Measuring Game Competitiveness Using Team Box Score Data

Joint Statistics Meetings (San Diego, CA)

Statistical models for globular cluster luminosity distribution

Nonparametric Statistics and Mixture Models

The Role of Data Visualization in Teaching Statistics

Department of Mathematics & Statistics Colloquium, Wright State University (Dayton, OH)

Data Visualization in Introductory Statistics

Joint Mathematics Meetings (New Orleans, LA)

Advising Students for Success: Student Life Stress in Education and Health Services Majors

International Lilly Conference on College Teaching (Oxford, OH)

Statistical Models for Globular Cluster Luminosity Distribution

Conference on Nonparametric Statistics and Mixture Models (State College, PA)

Maximum Likelihood Estimation by Homotopy Continuation

Institute of Mathematical Statistics New Researcher’s Conference (Toronto, Canada)