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Most files are currently available in RTF (rich text format). Most word-processing programs on any operating system should be able to convert this to readable form. Hungry for more Keeler books? I recommend Ramble House.


John Jones's Dollar
(written in 1914, first published in 1915)

Keeler's least-unknown work is a classic SF story
about the wonders of compound interest.
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When Thief Meets Thief
(London: Ward Lock, 1938)
Prepared by Fender Tucker

A good, old-fashioned webwork tale involving a
Chicago mystery novelist named Tillary Steevens ...
no relation to Harry Stephen Keeler, of course ...

The Case of the 16 Beans
(New York: Phoenix Press, 1944)
Prepared by Jim Weiler and Fender Tucker

If you inherited 16 beans in a bag, what would you do?
Consult a collection of ancient Chinese aphorisms, of course!

The Man Who Changed His Skin
(written 1959, never before published in English)
Prepared by Chris Wheeler

This novel explores what it would be like for a white man
to wake up in a black man's body ...

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