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Keeler in Dutch

Keeler was pretty popular in the Low Countries. Eleven Keeler novels were translated into Dutch,
mostly by W. J. A. Roldanus, Jr., all published by Zuid-Hollandsche of The Hague.

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De vierde koning (Zuid-Hollandsche, 1935? = The Fourth King).

Looks pretty puzzled, doesn't he? Illustration by "BMB" (Johanna Berhardina Midderigh-Bokhorst, 1880-1972).

Courtesy of Chris Mikul.








De dood eischt twee! (Zuid-Hollandsche, 1935 = Sing Sing Nights).

Hi there, Mr. Reaper! Illustration by "BMB."

Courtesy of Chris Mikul.








De zeldzame smaragd (1935 = Thieves' Nights)

An appropriately mysterious and menacing picture, I would guess also by "BMB."

Courtesy of Marcel Romano, who writes: "This is a very thin and cheap looking Belgium-only paperback edition. The back cover names 'Uitgeverij De Ster' in Antwerp as the publisher, but in the book itself the publisher Zuid-Hollandsche is mentioned."







De saterkop (Zuid-Hollandsche, 1935 = The Face of the Man from Saturn).

A most amusingly demonic Saturnian.

Courtesy of Chris Mikul.








Wie doodde Casimer Jech? (Zuid-Hollandsche, 1935 = The Green Jade Hand).

This one by "BMB" is dark and moody. The jade hand on the spine is borrowed from the Ward Lock edition.

Courtesy of Chris Mikul.








Het spinneweb scheurt (Zuid-Hollandsche, 1936 = The Amazing Web)

Our hero is caught in the midst of -- well, an amazing web. Another one by "BMB."

Courtesy of Hillebrand Komrij.








Het raadsel van Washington Square (Zuid-Hollandsche, 1937 = The Washington Square Enigma).

Now the Dutch Keelers started using stills from Hollywood films as their dustjacket illustrations.

Courtesy of Chris Wheeler.








De stem van de zeven musschen (Zuid-Hollandsche, 1937 = The Voice of the Seven Sparrows).

Another one that uses a corny Hollywood still.

Courtesy of Chris Wheeler.








De tijgerslang (Zuid-Hollandsche, 1937 = The Tiger Snake).

Yet another Hollywood still.

Courtesy of Henk Hersevoort and Hillebrand Komrij.








De zaak Marceau (Zuid-Hollandsche, 1937 = The Marceau Case).

How do I know these are Hollywood stills? Just look at the Paramount Pictures logo in the lower left corner!

Courtesy of Hillebrand Komrij.






X Jones van Scotland Yard (1938 = X. Jones--Of Scotland Yard)

Another movie still that has nothing to do with the story. This is a paperback edition.

Courtesy of Marcel Romano.  






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