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Oliver 9

The popular Oliver was manufactured in the U.S. from 1896 to 1928, and even later in England. The no. 9 was made from 1916 to 1922. All Olivers are distinguished by their U-shaped typebars that hover over the platen. Most are painted olive green (get it?) and have curious "ears" or "teaspouts" on the sides -- probably meant as handles. The Oliver has a 3-bank keyboard with double shift.

The #9 usually features "Printype" -- a beefy typeface meant to resemble printing in books (it's a bit of a stretch).

The mascot for Printype, for reasons obscure to me, is a cheery little policeman who looks like a Keystone Kop. Could it be that he, like the typeface, is beefy?

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