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So you think these old clunkers are just good for holding down phone books in a hurricane, or collecting dust in some collector's collection? How wrong you are, my friend! They are genuine writing machines -- not devices for electronic entertainment and gossip, not "word processors" that distract you from writing by overwhelming you with options for the look of what you write.

Here's a place for real, working writers to share their thoughts on the joys of manual typewriters. Read on, and discover why these "obsolete" machines have more character and intrinsic value than the ephemeral, unreliable plastic box you're using to read this Web page.

Do you have an essay that you think belongs here? Feel free to submit it to me, Richard Polt. And for more on the virtues of typewriters in the 21st century, check out my book.


A Note on Typewriters

by Ryan Alfaro


Machine, Quest, Ghost, River

by B.J. Best


Typewriter Love

by Rino Breebaart

 Prop to Passion

by S. D. Daniels

Why I've Returned to the Manual Typewriter

by Brian Drake

Meet Constance (PDF)

by Kateri Ewing

Typewriters Are My Type

by Nicholas Flugga

You Take This Writing Seriously, Don't You? (PDF)

by Martyn V. Halm (website, blog)

A Steel Symphony

by Taylor Harbin

Out of Touch: The Coldness of Technology

by Reese Matthews

Why I Use a Manual

by Kevin McGowin


Why I Still Use a Manual Typewriter

by Kevin McGowin


Little Corona

by Robert McGowin


The Comeback of the Manual Typewriter

by Lawrence P. McGuire



by Bill Meissner


Stolen Moments with a Manual Typewriter

by Bill Meissner

A 21st Century Typist's Lament

by Bill Meissner

The Man Who Rescued Typewriters

by Bill Meissner

Typing for Physical Fitness

by Bill Meissner

  The Typing Game: A Few Moments of Romance with a Typewriter

by Bill Meissner

A Type of Nostalgia

by William Pannapacker

Novel Becomes Nostalgic

by Karen Persson


The Root of the Attraction

by Richard Polt


Hermes of the Ways

by David Rain

Love Bids me Type

by Martin A. Rice, Jr.

Why a Manual Typewriter is Better than a Computer

by Bert Rosica


Luddite Dreaming

by Matthew Smeal


An Explanatory Discourse

by Matthew Smeal


Machine In Between

by Jeff Ward

Why A Typewriter?

by Christopher Watkins


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