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Richard Wright and his Royal Arrow

The link between writer and typewriter is often an intimate one that lasts for decades.
Here are some favorite brands of typewriter used by authors, past and present. This information comes from some of
my own research, but especially from correspondents who have investigated their favorite writers. If you have more information,
please send it to me, Richard Polt (preferably with a photo that documents the connection betwen writer and typewriter).
Particular thanks to Steve Soboroff, Steve Hahn, Karen Kukil, Robert Neuwirth, David Tucker, Robert Godlieb, Brad Coulter, Jean-Philippe Daignan, and Robert Messenger, whose article on typewriter-loving writers you can read here (PDF).
Thanks to Matthew Solan for providing us with his own article on writers and their typewriters (PDF).
For more on this topic, see Georg Sommeregger's site (in German).

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